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As we come into the Advent season, we remember the Christmas story. Join us as we take time to pause and reflect on the awesomeness of Jesus - that the creator of all things would come down to take the form of a baby. And He does so because of His deep love for us.

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Jesus illuminates the truth that what we give attention to, what we treasure, will always capture our hearts. In Luke 12:22-34, Jesus reveals how to overcome worry by putting God’s Kingdom first. Join us as we dive into the passage with Transitional Executive Lead, Carl Waldron.

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Have you ever wondered what tithing is all about? Why do we tithe? Join us as Pastor Bob talks about what the Bible says about giving to the Lord and how giving benefits us.

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Brokenness surrounds us and is within us. In Luke 8:26-39, Jesus encountered a man, so broken that everyone had written him off, but not Jesus. Jesus transformed the man’s life, moving him from brokenness to peace, and from peace to purpose. Join us and Lead Pastor Candidate, Kirk Cowman, as we discover what Jesus wants to do in our story and our community today.

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To be a church that would grow our confidence and capacity in the Holy Spirit is a growth area Jesus highlighted throughout our appreciative inquiry process over this last year. This Sunday, we are pleased to welcome Doug Balzer, as he encourages us to be a church community empowered by the Holy Spirit, joining the work He is doing in the world around us as we become missionally focused.

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In a cultural moment in which much skepticism is mounting towards the church, what might Jesus have to say?  Join us and our Guest Speaker, Nathan Carroll, as we look into the gospels and focus on a key statement of Jesus - a statement that the body of Christ ought to think deeply about at this present time.

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As we wrap up our series, By Their Fruit, join us as we look at some of the most important areas in the lives of those practicing the way of Jesus, gentleness and self-control. Often, our decisions and actions are a reaction built on our emotions, experience and current circumstance. What if a life formed by the Holy Spirit saw us learn to respond rather than react, and that response is grown through self-control and gentleness. Join us Sunday as we look at a life that bears the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

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How important is it for you to know that someone is truly good? As you consider who a good business partner, teacher, spouse or coach might important is it to know that beyond just doing the right thing from time to time when it’s convenient, this person can truly be counted on to be consistently good and faithful with the things and people that we care about? Join us as we continue our series, By Their Fruit, as Pastor Lisa looks at the fruits of Goodness and Faithfulness, celebrating the truth that transformation into Christ-likeness in these things is available to us now.

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Whether you watch the news or have a conversation with friends, there will probably be some comments about the unrest we are experiencing in our world. Whether it is the realities of war worldwide, political upheaval, pandemic weariness, or financial or relational stress. All of it adds up, and it can feel difficult to catch our breath and experience lasting peace. What if thanksgiving was a key that unlocks peace? Join us for church as we explore the connection between thanksgiving and peace and continue our sermon series, By their fruit.

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As we continue our series, By Their Fruit, we’re going to spend some time looking at patience and kindness. How does patience get produced in our lives by the Holy Spirit, and what is the difference between being kind and being nice or friendly? Is there a difference? Join us on Sunday as Pastor Josh talks about it!

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Join us as we celebrate baptisms and the Ordination of Pastor Josh Ginn!

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To truly love someone is one of the greatest gifts we can give them, isn’t it? Love is also one of the greatest gifts we can receive - we all long to know that we are truly loved. The last couple of years have been difficult in so many ways. Pandemic realities for example, caused relational tension and loneliness to be at an all-time high. So how do we love well? Join us as Pastor Lisa continues our new series, By Their Fruit, and shares how we can meaningfully grow to become people who truly love well.

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Fall is upon us, and pumpkin spice is in full effect almost everywhere you go. As the seasons change, it's time to harvest the fruit of a summer's labour in the garden or the field. Long before the harvest, the soil was prepared, and there was work tending to the plants as they grew. Join us on Sunday as we begin our new series, By Their Fruit, exploring what it looks like to bear fruit as followers of Christ.

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We all know what it is like to lose something and then experience the immense joy of finding what we have been searching for!  Join us as we conclude our Summer Teaching Series, Jesus Stories, as Pastor Lisa shares the Parable of the Lost Sheep, Coin and Son as we reflect on God’s heart to seek and save all who are lost.

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Jesus has a question and a promise for those who hear his teaching. We can’t avoid trials and storms, but how we build our lives makes all the difference. Join us on Sunday as we hear from Transitional Executive Lead, Carl Waldron, talk about the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builder.

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Have you ever shared your faith with someone and it didn’t turn out the way you hoped? Join us on Sunday as we learn about the Parable of the Sower and what Jesus tells us about sowing seeds of faith.

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Have you ever been in a season of life where forgiving someone feels impossible? That the hurt they’ve caused and the pain you’ve experienced runs too deep? How do you move on? Is forgiveness even possible? When we focus on the wrong things, forgiveness can seem miles away. If we understand the invitation Jesus offers, we learn that the road to forgiveness and healing is closer than we think.

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Have you ever felt like giving up on your faith? Have you ever felt like it was just too complicated? Join us as Pastor Bob leads us back to the Childlike Faith that allows us to experience the many riches God has for us.

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In life, we are constantly faced with choices about how we spend our time and energy. We all know there is only so much to go around. It requires us to make decisions based on the value we ascribe to various activities and opportunities. Join us Sunday as we look at how hidden treasure and valuable pearls provide a window into the kingdom of God.

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As we continue our summer series, Jesus Stories, we are looking at a story Jesus shared about a Barren Fig Tree. This week, we’re going to get a snapshot of the patience of God and hear all about what happens when a barren fig tree meets with a moving train.

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Jesus was often confronted with questions, and often, his answer was in the form of a story. In the case of the Good Samaritan, Jesus not only wants to confront our ideas about who our neighbour is but also challenge our assumptions of mercy and justice in light of our current cultural moment. Jesus is inviting us to a life of radical transformation. Will you dive into the Word and see what He has for you?

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Most parents who have made it through the toddler stage will have experienced the season of a million questions. The curiosity of kids and the desire to understand the world around them can be exhausting for those who are on the receiving end of the questions. As we continue our Jesus Stories series we see Jesus use the persistence of a widow who was unrelenting in her pursuit of justice as an invitation for us to be those who continue to ask without ceasing.

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So much takes place over a great meal, doesn’t it? So often this is where relationships deepen, where dreams are freely shared and where meaningful and purposeful plans are made.  When someone invites us to share a meal around their table, there is, inherent within the invitation, a desire to simply be with one another and engage something meaningful together.  An invitation to dinner is something we do not want to miss!  Join us as we continue in our summer series, Jesus Stories, as we look at how Jesus describes the invitation to life with Him in His kingdom as an invitation to a great feast, one that we want to make sure we embrace fully!

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Jesus’ story of the simple mustard seed transforms our idea of what the Kingdom of Heaven means, challenging us to trust God in seasons of trial and waiting. It also gives us a picture of a durable, victorious faith rooted in Jesus’ own life. Join us as we continue our new series, Jesus Stories, and explore the parable of the mustard seed.

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We’re kicking off our new series, Jesus Stories, and are going to spend time exploring the parables of Jesus. Join us as we get a picture of what the Kingdom of God looks like and reflect on the role we have in the Kingdom. Jesus has given us incredible gifts; how are they being lived out in the now available Kingdom of God?

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Marking milestones is significant. They serve as reminders of the journey we have been on and provide the foundations we stand upon for the road ahead. This week, we gather to celebrate God’s faithfulness through his people as we host the official Grand Opening of our new building. Join us as we take time to acknowledge the ways God has made it possible while also looking ahead to all that God has in store for St. Albert Alliance Church.

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In the early church, a big part of the work of the Holy Spirit was to lead believers to where and how to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. And this is still happening today. This week, join us as Pastor Bob shares stories of being led by the Holy Spirit in the early church and present day.

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There is nothing about the Church that is supposed to be static. Since the birth of the early Church, in the book of Acts, we see a continual calling to dynamic movement. This movement is built out of obedience of following Jesus while empowered by the Spirit. Join us as we look at how we are invited to be part of what God is doing around the world.

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Living a life of purpose is something we all desire. But how do we find purpose today? God’s vision for His church is a story the world needs to hear; it brings hope, life and meaning and calls us to join Jesus in seeing the Kingdom break out in the world around us. We can’t do it alone. Jesus invites us to journey with Him in His redemptive plan to bring life to a dying world. We have a mission. We have a purpose. Will we be the empowered church?

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In our world today, it's easy to follow the lead of the things and people closest to us. We can distinguish who is leading our life based on our actions, thought patterns, and behaviours. But how would our lives look different if we chose to be led by the Holy Spirit? Join us as Pastor Lisa continues our Empowered series.

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Join us as we hear from Transitional Executive Lead, Carl Waldron, as he shares an update about what we as a congregation, Elders, staff and transition team have heard where Jesus is leading us in this season. 

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Have you ever wondered what real power looks like and where real power comes from?  Questions surrounding power, who can be trusted with it and how it should be stewarded are very real and timely in our world today.  Join us as we continue our teaching series “Empowered” as we look at the book of Acts and what we learn about where true power comes from and how we are invited to live Spirit empowered lives for the glory of God and the flourishing of His Kingdom.

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Have you ever watched the Antiques Road Show? People have shown up with items thinking they were worth a few dollars and find out their item is worth thousands. Or they assume what they have is worth thousands when it is actually a cheap knockoff worth only pennies. Join us Sunday as we kick off our new Series, Empowered, as we look at how the early Church grew as they understood the worth of the gospel.

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What are you living for? It’s a question that has probably crossed your mind at one point or another during your life. The way we answer the question can set the course for the way that we choose to live - the places we spend our time, how we use our money, it may even impact where we call home. At the core of the question, we are really being asked, “What does it mean to live?” This Easter Sunday, join us as we explore Jesus’ invitation to new life and how that shapes our lives.

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Have you ever felt that your life was lacking purpose and opportunity? This week, as we study from the book of Colossians and finish our series, Simply Jesus, we are invited to be part of a bigger story.

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You don’t have to look far to see positions of power abused. Whether it is in relationship, workplaces, or other organizational structures. As we continue our series Simply Jesus, we see Paul confronting the traditional power dynamics and setting the course for a new way of living.

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So often we surround ourselves in relationships with people who think, feel and behave like we do because we think this is what true Christian unity looks like, but Paul describes something very different in Colossians 3.  Join us as we continue our teaching series, Simply Jesus, and look at what true Christian unity is meant to be.

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Everyone wants to change. We all have this ideal life we want to live, where sin is no longer an issue. But we find ourselves in a tug of war between our old self, before Jesus, and our new self in Christ. Will it always be this way? Are we destined to live this back and forth life where the things we want to do we don’t do? And the things we don’t want to do, are the things we can’t escape? As we continue through the letter to the Colossian Church, Paul is asking us, “What do we believe is the key to real transformation?” The answer is better than we could ever imagine!

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Look at where you want to go, not at the obstacles you are trying to avoid - this is a lesson with multiple applications. As we continue our series, Simply Jesus, Paul’s words challenge the obstacles we often set our sights on that we are trying to avoid. Join us on Sunday as we explore what it means to fix our eyes on Jesus.

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Over the past two years, there have been a lot of conversations about freedom. Join us as we continue our study of the book of Colossians and examine the spiritual liberty Paul lived out of and how he encourages us to live out of today as we seek to apprentice with Jesus.

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We all understand the significance of a good match in relationship! From friendships to business partnerships to marriage the quality of our “union” with people significantly impacts the quality of absolutely everything in our life! Join us as we continue in our Teaching series, Simply Jesus, reflecting on the truth that our choice to apprentice with Jesus is the most significant union we will ever enter into with the most significant gifts as a result.

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We are living in a time where it seems like there is no middle ground on any issue we face. The polarizing viewpoints are on full blast, and we find it easy to dismiss the ones we see on the other side of the spectrum. Join us on Sunday as we explore Jesus as central to counter formation and how lives can be knit together in a time of division.

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As we continue our study of Colossians, this week, we are looking at Colossians 1:24-29. Paul sees how we, human beings, need a purpose. In this passage, Paul talks about the purpose of suffering, the purpose of mission and the purpose of identity and is speaking to all Christians - past, present and future. Join us as we hear from our StAAC Pastoral Intern, Dylan Overdyk.

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In any broken relationship reconciliation is a gift beyond measure. To have the fracture mended, to experience undeserved grace in reconciliation is a powerful thing and impacts our lives in meaningfully significant ways. As we continue in our teaching series, Simply Jesus, studying the book of Colossians, Pastor Lisa shares the profound gift of reconciliation offered to us by God in Jesus and how we can live in the reality of this gift of grace every single day.

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Something we say often at St. Albert Alliance Church is that Jesus is First in everything. As we continue in our series, Simply Jesus, Pastor Lisa shares from Colossians 1:15-20. These six verses are widely regarded as the “pinnacle” of all the New Testament teaching concerning Jesus. This beautiful passage is central to who we are at St. Albert Alliance and continues to compel us to live a “Jesus first” story.

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When we hear the word ‘hope,’ we often associate it with wishful thinking, something akin to a wish - that our desired outcome will become a reality. Unfortunately, that kind of hope doesn’t have much staying power in the face of uncertainty and disappointment. Join us as Pastor Mike continues our series, Simply Jesus, and we explore the Confident hope Paul commends and how it can form the hope we have as we navigate life.

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What do we truly need to experience the kind of life Jesus intends for his followers? At the opening of his letter to the Colossians, the Apostle Paul shares three gifts that result in our spiritual growth, a joyful life, and unshakeable security. They’re also crucial for us here at StAAC as we prepare for a new chapter in our church’s story. Join us as Carl Waldron continues our new series, Simply Jesus.

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“Who’s in charge anyway?” It’s a question that often gets asked on teams, in organizations and workplaces. In seasons of uncertainty, the desire to know who is in charge often intensifies. We look for someone to have the right answers, to know the direction and help us feel a sense of certainty. Join us on Sunday as we start our new series, Simply Jesus, looking at Christ as Head of the Church.

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Jesus gives us a picture of what’s most important: to love God & to love our neighbour as ourself. As we enter into 2022, how are we intentionally making this a priority? Let’s take time to craft a rule of life for the next year so that we are intentional as we abide in Jesus - through this everything else will come together and our priorities will be in order

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Coming out of advent, let’s take time to pause & reflect - what in the past year has been our priority? As we look ahead to 2022, what are we prioritizing? As we think through our priorities, what does Jesus have to say that is most important and does it align with how we’ve oriented our own lives?

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Joy is something we all want to experience. However, it seems like life often wants to rob of us that joy. So, we do our best to manufacture it - we try to find it in a gift, a relationship or by distracting ourselves from our circumstances. What if joy isn’t something you create but something you choose? What if, no matter what season of life you find yourself in, Jesus is inviting us to choose joy? How do we do that? Is it possible to choose joy no matter what’s going on in your life? Join us as Pastor Dan continues our Advent series, God With Us.

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Ronald Rolheiser once wrote: “The mark of a deeply mature man or woman, the mark of a very mature disciple of Jesus, and the mark of someone truly giving his or her life away is this: he or she is a person who blesses others and blesses the world, just as God does and just as Jesus did.” Join us this Sunday as Pastor Jeremy shares with us his last message as the Lead Pastor, blessing and praying for us as a church family as we follow Jesus into all that He has for us in the days ahead.

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In our lives, we will inevitably face difficulties and go through storms, and it can be difficult to have hope in the midst of these storms. Join us as we begin our Advent series, God With Us, and Pastor Bob speaks about how we can find hope, even when we face the most difficult storms in life.

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Sometimes the Bible can be hard to understand, can’t it?  Often passages from scripture that are difficult to understand can be real tripping hazards for us because misunderstanding God’s word can lead to misunderstanding His heart.  Join us as Pastor Lisa concludes our teaching series in the book of James, More than a Hashtag by addressing some potential tripping hazards with a fresh invitation from God to experience His love and grace.

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On Sunday, November 21st, Jeremy Peters, Lead Pastor of St. Albert Alliance Church announced his resignation. To view Jeremy’s announcement as well as a statement from our Elder’s board and information on Pastor Jeremy’s final weeks at StAAC, visit

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Have you ever gone through a hard time, and you said something like, that was one of the hardest things in my life, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything? Hopefully, we can look back and say the same about COVID sooner rather than later. God would not have us see only the short-term view of what’s going in life, but to have our sights on the long-term view and have a greater hope of eternity with Jesus, the coming king.

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It's easy to look at the rich and famous and think that you aren’t very wealthy. It can even grow a sense of envy in our hearts as we live out of comparison, thinking if we just had a little more, the peace we are looking for would be ours. What if instead of peace, wealth actually brings anxieties. Join us as we continue our series more than a hashtag exploring our views on wealth and what it might reveal about our heart. 

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It's easy to look at the rich and famous and think that you aren’t very wealthy. It can even grow a sense of envy in our hearts as we live out of comparison, thinking if we just had a little more, the peace we are looking for would be ours. What if instead of peace, wealth actually brings anxieties. Join us as we continue our series more than a hashtag exploring our views on wealth and what it might reveal about our heart.

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We all make hundreds of judgements every single day.  This food tastes delicious.  That cashier is having a bad day.  My kid is having a bad day even though I’ve prepared delicious food!  We do this all time – making judgments without any concern of being judgmental.  What makes the difference?  How do we live wisely and with discernment without slipping into being unfairly critical and judgmental?  Join us this weekend as Pastor Jeremy helps us consider this as we continue in our series on the book of James: More than a Hashtag.

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Though the letter from the Apostle James was written two millennia ago, it is strikingly relevant to our current cultural moment. Speaking to the church, he asks, “What causes fights and quarrels among you?” and proceeds to challenge followers of Jesus about whether they are truly friends of God, or whether they are friends of the world; about whether they are resisting the devil or resisting God. Join us as Pastors Jeremy & Lisa reflect on the confronting admonitions in James 4.

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We all want our life to matter, don’t we? At our core we desire to know that we’re living a life that is bigger than ourselves…a life of significant meaning and purpose, that actually makes a difference in a good way for the people and even world around us. Join us as we continue on in our sermon series, More Than a Hashtag, studying the book of James, as Pastor Lisa shares some key insights from James 3 on how we can intentionally choose wisdom and live with the meaning and purpose God made us for!

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Growing up as kids we learn quick cliches like Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me. These are supposed to be our first line of defence against the power of words spoken against us. We can all probably attest no matter how many times we recited those cliches, the words spoken actually did hurt. Join us Sunday as we take a look at the power held in one the smallest parts of the body and the power it contains.

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Have you heard the statement “Talk is Cheap?” We often associate it with those who say one thing and do another. It reveals in us a desire for people to follow through on what they say. To live in a way that words and actions are congruent, that words become more than what we say, but are lived in what we do. Join us as we explore what it means to have faith that is put into action, that our faith would be more than just empty words.

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Have you ever been excluded, judged unjustly, or ignored because you didn’t measure up to someone’s standard? Ever been guilty of doing it to others? There’s good news for you. This week our guest speaker, Carl Waldron continues our More than a Hashtag series

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The book of James is an immensely practical book, addressing so many real-time issues in our human experience and one of the questions that is framing this series is ‘how do we move beyond hashtag awareness to holy, Jesus-directed action?’ Central to answering this question lies in how we relate to Bible as the Word of God, and James has some important insight for us in this regard. We look forward to having you join us in-person or online this Sunday as Pastor Jeremy guides our collective learning.

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Jesus was not kidding when He said, “in this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world”.  Difficulty or trouble is something that we experience on a regular basis and in his letter to the early church, James encourages us to consider trials as an opportunity for great joy!  What does he mean by this?  Join us as we begin an exciting new sermon series studying the book of James and Pastor Lisa shares the encouragement that Jesus is faithful and does bring much good from the trials we experience as He redeems all in His time.

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Many things impact our lives - some are beneficial, others can be detrimental; some are out of our control, and others are the results of our choices and decisions. Each one plays a role in shaping the way we engage with the world around us. What does a life shaped by faith look like when it feels like the world is on fire? What can we learn from those who have gone before us as they walked by faith and not by sight? Join us as Pastor Mike Sotski continues our Hall of Faith series.

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This week, one of our Young Adults, Dylan Overdyk, continues our Hall of Faith series and we discover the relevance of the people of Israel’s faith as they walked in the promises of God. Join us as we learn how we may also walk in God’s promises and the reward that comes from our obedience.

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We all have moments in our life that feel significant, moments that define us. Often we feel most significantly defined by moments we are not proud of and would much rather forget. But here is some very good news, in His inestimable and unconditional love for us, God does not define us by these things! As we continue our Hall of Faith series, join us as Pastor Lisa shares how the story of one unlikely hero gives us a beautiful example of how God chooses to define us by our faith in Him and not our failures.

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For anyone familiar with the Bible, it will be no surprise to see that Moses shows up in the Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11. But the reasons Moses is commended for his faith may not be what we’d expect to find as his life confronts some of the most common ideas about what it means to have the good life. Pastor Jeremy continues our sermon series Hall of Faith.

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"Who am I?" This is a question we can spend our whole lives searching for an answer to, and often, come up short because we look in all the wrong places. Even Jacob, someone in the Bible’s Hall of Faith, asked this question. But where do we find the answer? Knowing who you are can bring peace and contentment, while not knowing, or trying to be something you're not, can lead to heartache and a sense of being lost. The answer is found, not in where, but in whom. There is one who knows you - before you spoke a word and has seen every day of your life, even before they have come to pass. So who are you? Jesus knows the answer.

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Have you ever wondered about your certainty of who God is and if you can trust Him? Join us as Pastor Bob continues our series, Hall of Faith, and we learn about how Abraham trusted God in the greatest test of his life and through it, learned his greatest lesson of faith.

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Nearly three dozen times in the gospels, it is recorded that people were amazed by Jesus but only twice is Jesus amazed by the response of people. As we mark the first opportunity for an in-person worship gathering in 16 months and the first gathering in our new building, Pastors Jeremy and Lisa reflect on what it takes to amaze Jesus.

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Many times when we think of faith, we have a picture of epic adventures and huge leaps that are beyond what we think we can do. So what is the average person suppose to do? Join us as we explore the growing faith of Abraham and Sarah and see how God’s faithfulness meets us in the places we are at.

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There are some stories that we have heard many times. These stories can become so familiar that we rush past them without giving things a second thought. This week, we are taking time to look at a story that can often be associated with animals and a rainbow, but what if there is more to the story that speaks to a life of faith and the heart of God? Join us as Pastor Mike continues our Hall of Faith series.

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Have you ever found yourself trapped in a cycle of trying to please God, but feel like He’s disappointed in you? Or feel like you’re not measuring up to His expectations? Join us as Pastor Bob continues our new series, Hall of Faith, and learn about how God really feels about you and the fantastic reward that comes from seeking Him.

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Have you ever been told you need to have faith? Often times that statement comes out when times are dire. Sometimes, faith can feel like we are grasping at straws. What is it about faith that keeps us moving forward in the unknown? Join as we begin our new series, Hall of Faith, and look at the faith of one man that continues to speak thousands of years later.

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In the culmination of Jesus’ Last Words to His disciples before His death, Jesus concludes with a powerful prayer that extends all the way to our present day.  Of all the things Jesus could’ve prayed for – world peace, relief from suffering, freedom from fear – Jesus prayed that we would share the same unity He had with His Father (and with the Holy Spirit) with one another.  Join us as Pastor Jeremy concludes our Last Words series by reminding us of Jesus’ greatest priority for all who apprentice with Him.

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As we continue our Last Words series, looking at the last words of Jesus to His disciples before He goes to the cross, Pastor Lisa shares three things Jesus asks His Father for on our behalf, three things He knows we need as we seek to apprentice with Him.

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The Bible talks a lot about eternal life, but how does Jesus define ‘eternal life?’ When does eternal life begin? What does an eternal kind of life look like and how does a person enter it? Many people have a certain idea in mind when asked these questions…but some will be surprised to learn they have missed the main point. Will you?

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Many times, when we approach prayer, there is an uncertainty if God hears, cares or would even answer. Praying with confidence is something we often think is only for the super-spiritual. But what if Jesus is inviting us to experience a confidence that would cause us to ask anything when we pray? Join us online as we look at where confidence in prayer is found.

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We are people built for joy. Yet, much of what we experience in life causes what many would describe as the exact opposite of joy. So we spend our time, talent and resources trying to create moments of joy in our life. These moments prove fleeting and momentary. Is it possible to experience joy that is lasting? Join us as we take time to explore joy in our lives

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Something we say often at St. Albert Alliance Church is this, “The most important thing about us is who we are becoming.” Join us as Pastor Lisa shares how, when we surrender to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we can grow to become the kind of people who exhibit the character of Jesus in meaningful and significant ways.

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Seriously now, what are the chances that a group of uneducated, young adult fishermen, political activists, government employees, and brothers with anger management issues, who have no social standing, no media platform, no political connections, no strategic plan, no money and by the way, no building to meet in…what are the chances that a little group like this – with no earthly leader – could have a role in seeing the world turned upside down and the beginning of countless millions of people finding new life in Jesus?  This should’ve been the ultimate mission impossible…but it wasn’t.  Why not?  Join us as Pastor Jeremy continues our sermon series on the Last Words of Jesus.

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Often in life, when we are given a choice between a hard path and one that is easier, we will most likely choose the easier one. One of the markers of following Jesus is he often calls us to follow a path that is marked by hardship and opposition. Join us online as we look at how Jesus encourages us to take the path less travelled, as we choose to live differently.

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Obedience is a bit of a controversial word and can surface a variety of thoughts and emotional responses. Often, we think of obedience in the light of seeking to “earn” something, but Jesus has a different invitation for us. Join us as Pastor Lisa continues our Last Words series, sharing the gracious invitation of Jesus to obedience and the true gift it is.

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This week, we return to our Last Words series (that began in the Fall of 2019 – disrupted by COVID), to continue to reflect on Jesus’ last words to His disciples before His death and resurrection. Pastor Jeremy will be returning to the opening verses of John 15 to consider how God works with skilful precision to free us from that which holds us back that we might more fully flourish under God.

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Join us as we celebrate Easter together! Jesus has triumphed over the grave! He has swallowed up death forever and wiped away every tear. Because of His sacrifice, our Hope has been restored. Join us this Easter Sunday as we celebrate this Hope and look at how the grave has become a garden.

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If you were to poll a group of people who watched an event unfold, it's likely that you would have a variety of interpretations about what took place before them. The truth is, each one of us interpret the things we see through a variety of lenses that have been formed through our life experience. Join us online as we hear from Vanguard Bible College Student, Daisy Ejang, as she explores two types of lenses that shape the view of the world around us.

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There are many things that threaten our hope in these days of the global pandemic, and yet, one of the single greatest threats to our hope is not from without, but rather within.  Join us as Pastor Lisa shares the simple truth of how seeking to hide our sin immediately quenches hope in us and how confession can bring a greater experience of hope than we realized was possible.

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Almost a year into lockdown and restrictions, many things have been challenged in our lives. Many would say they have had hopes dashed in a variety of ways, which can lead to discouragement and disappointment, but what if hope was steadfast? And what if we were the ones that were created to bring that hope to our world? Join us online as we look at the one who is the anchor or hope and how we were created for times just like this.

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So much of our thinking is formed around the idea that we need to be strong and capable. It often creates a perspective that if we are going to get through this life, it is only because of our own ability. Yet, in scripture, Paul describes our lives as fragile Jars of clay. Join us online as Vanguard Student Kelsey Verge encourages us to see God’s power at work through our weaknesses.

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When faced with too many disappointments, we can begin to feel a sense of hopelessness. What do we do when we are up against something that has no solution? Join us online as we hear a story of one such person and where he found hope.

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Hope is something we need. Hope is something we want. Hope is something we recognize that some people have.  But have we ever thought of hope as something we can give? Join us online as Pastor Lisa shares what the beautiful gift hope is and how we can bring the gift of hope into the lives of those around us as we follow God’s own example to us. 

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As we go through life, we will all face storms of various kinds - they may be issues of health, relationships, school or work-related. When we find ourselves in those storms, one of the questions that often comes to mind is, “Where are you, God?” Naturally, we think that if God is really with us, we probably wouldn’t find ourselves in these storms. Join us online as we take some time to look at how the disciples navigated a storm they found themselves in with Jesus by their side.

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There are many experiences in our lives that can cause us to wonder if God is actually listening to us or aware of our circumstances.  Many times those questions come out when we are faced with a variety of suffering. When there is silence in those moments, does that mean God’s not there? Join us this week as we hear from one of our Young Adults- Graeme Gibson -about God in those quiet moments.

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As we continue our series on Resilient Hope, we find some surprises as one of the great heroes of the faith finds his courage faltering and hope evaporating in the midst of intimidating threats – despite a stunning track record of powerful displays of God’s presence and provision.  Join us this week as Pastor Jeremy points us to how we might find hope when courage seems to be running out.

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There is often significant stigma attached to issues of mental health, but many people we know are suffering in silence because we don’t know how to talk about it.  In a time of great disruption, there is an increasing number of people that are dealing with diminishing mental health. Join us online as our guest speaker Brett Ullman shares from personal experience and helps us understand and address mental health issues for ourselves and for those around us.

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In this time of physical distancing and restrictions, it is easy to experience isolation and disconnection from others. Yet time and again, in Scripture, we read of the importance of connection and relationship. So how can we be "In It Together" while still honouring our existing health guidelines? Join us online as we look at a story of four friends and what they were willing to do because they were "In It Together."

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We are a world in need of hope! Countless people around the world have experienced one of the most difficult years ever, and many have found that their sources of hope and reasons for hope have been found insufficient for all that life continues to throw at them. How can we cultivate a resilient hope that prevails in the midst of chronic crisis and difficulty? Pastors Jeremy and Lisa kick off our Resilient Hope sermon series by reflecting on some key learnings from the life of David.

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